021 - Daniel Pauly: Time to Act Politically | Vanishing Fish

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The concepts, methods and software which Daniel Pauly co-developed, documented in over 1000 scientific and general-interest publications, are used throughout the world, not least as a result of his teaching a multitude of courses, and supervising students in four languages on five continents. This applies especially to the Ecopath modeling approach and software (http://sirs.agrocampus-ouest.fr/EcoBase/) and FishBase, the online encyclopedia of fishes (www.fishbase.org), the latter recently complemented by SeaLifeBase (www.sealifebase.org).


Welcome to episode 21 of masters of regeneration radio: Time to Act Politically | Vanishing Fish with Daniel Pauly

“We transform the world, but we don’t remember it. We adjust our baseline to the new level, and we don’t recall what was there before.”—

Our guest today is Daniel Pauly, author of Vanishing Fish, an important book coming out next May 28th, 2019.

Almost a quarter century ago, Daniel Pauly, one of the most important scientists of the Anthropocene, introduced “shifting baselines syndrome” to explain our generational blindness to environmental destruction. It has since become one of the key terms framing climate change and other forms of planetary degradation.

In his upcoming book Vanishing Fish, Shifting Baselines and the future of global fisheries, Daniel Pauly offers a devastating look at the state of today’s global fisheries—and a radical way to turn it around. He chronicles not only the arc of the fishing industry’s demise, offering insights into how and why it has failed, but draws on decades of research to provide an up-todate assessment of ocean health and an analysis of the issues that have contributed to the current crisis, including globalization, massive underreporting of catch, and the phenomenon of “shifting baselines,” in which, over time, important knowledge is lost about the state of the entire natural world.

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Tomas Reyes