004 - ~Buipu: How We Keep All Life Healthy in The Amazon

Today’s guest is ~Buipu (Muipu), he’s from the Tatuyo people of the high Pira Paraná in the Amazon jungle. ~Buipu (Muipu) is a  ~kubu (kumu) apprentice of wise elders) and his knowledge is called Keti Oka, recognized by UNESCO as intangible world heritage of humanity. Buipu is also the Indigenous Coordinator at Werea Koa, The Art Science and Technology Lab of ancient knowledge in Bogotá Colombia

~Buipu speaks about five languages but English is not one of them so we did the interview in Spanish. I invite you guys to go to our YouTube channel Masters of Regeneration Radio and watch the interview with English subtitles. Here’s a litte quote from the interview with Buipu:

“That's what we were all born to do
the people of the Amazon we were born
to protect and take care of the jungle
the fruits, the trees, the animals
the stones, to take care of all, to
protect, to know how to live in this world
that’s why the indigenous people of the
amazon were born
to be able to protect because we are the
protectors of the jungle
we are the guardians of nature
of the jungle and everything that exists”

I find fascinating the connections between science today and how little we understand about quantum physics and the correlations one can draw with this ancestral knowledge and the way they understand biological information flows in nature.

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Tomas Reyes