011 - Estrella Jaramillo: Disrupting Sex, Empowering Women


Estrella is the Cofounder of B-wom, a digital coach for women’s health that offers users personalized care programs with habits, exercises, educational contents, and a tracking tool. Their mission is to guide women through health priorities and concerns at every stage of their lives, from pre-fertility to after menopause. B-wom has 215k end users in 10 countries, and helps organizations design female-adapted wellness programs.

Estrella is a passionate women's health and mental wellbeing advocate and aims to eradicate the anxiety women suffer when it comes to their bodies and their intimate health, removing the stigma and the taboos around them.

Estrella is originally from Spain, but she has also advocated and spoken about women's health in Germany, Ecuador, and now runs the US and Latin America Markets of the B-wom project.

Tomas Reyes